Matera DOC Wine

Vino Matera DOCMatera wine has recently obtained the designation that was due to it for a long time. Indeed, wines produced in Matera and in its area have recently achieved (on July 2005) the Registred Designation of Origin (DOC) which represents Matera in the world. The youngest Matera wine, “Matera DOC”, takes its name from the city of the “Sassi” but also from the entire province which lays from the Ionian coast (the ancient Magna Graecia) to the “Murgia” passing across the “Calanchi”. The types of wine produced are six, three red and three white, one of which is a sparkling wine: “Matera Rosso (red)”, “Matera Primitivo”, “Matera Moro”, “Matera Greco”; “Matera Bianco (white)”, and “Matera Spumante (sparkling)”.

The History of Matera Wine

Oenotria: the land of the Wine Oenotria, Land of the Ooenotrians and land of the wine. This is one of the names that the Greeks gave to the Southern Italy and particularly to their colonies near Metaponto. This is one of the most important statistic and economic researches on wine production in Basilicata which demonstrates the wine vocation of our land. The Lucan wine history begun in 1300 b.C. which gets lost in the dim and distant past as a legend, but which finds confirmation in many documents of historiography and archaeology. In this respect, after palaeobotanical researches in Metaponto (in the area of Pantanello), seeds, fruit, vine plants, and even grapes and wooden remains of “Vitis vinifera” have been found. This plant was evidently cultivated on all the area since 4th century b.C.. continue...