Matera DOC Wine

Vino Matera DOC

Matera Wine – technicaldescription of the wines of registred degnination of origin in Matera

Typology Production Max yield Alcoholic degree Ac.tot Estr.sec.
Matera Rosso 10 ton. 70% 12 4,5 gr./lt. 23,0 gr/lt
Matera Primitivo 10 ton. 70% 13 4,5 gr./lt. 23,0 gr/lt
Matera Moro 10 ton. 70% 12 4,5 gr./lt. 23,0 gr/lt
Matera Greco 10 ton. 70% 11 5,0 gr./lt. 19,0 gr/lt.
Matera Bianco 10 ton. 70% 11 5,0 gr./lt. 19,0 gr/lt.
Matera Spumante 10 ton. 70% 12,5 5,0 gr./lt. 19,0 gr/lt.

Varieties of grapes used for the Matera Doc vite surfaces present in the provinca of Matera.

Surfaces of black berry grapes:
Vine Name Surface (Ha)
Sangiovese 566.42.39
Primitivo 87.93.92
Aglianico 63.34.40
Cabernet Sauvignon 32.31.85
Merlot 13.93.70
Surfaces of white berry grapes:
Vine name Surfaces (Ha)
Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata 135.31.41
Greco Bianco 27.46.90

A disciplinary rule for defending the history

A great cultural and historic heritage, as well as a high quality product, needs protection and preservation. With this aim there was the adoption of the disciplinary rule on the production of Matera DOC wines. This rule protects the area of production, wine production techniques and bottling, as well as the techniques for selling it to public. But firstly wine is the product of the grape. For this reason, within the disciplinary rule, it is paid attention to the selection of wine typologies and grapes varieties to be used during the production process (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Primitivo, and Sangiovese for the black berry grape.Malvasia Bianca of Basilicata and Greco bianco for the white berry grape.)